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Premium China Funds Management wins
new fixed income mandate from Alpha Fund Managers

05 December 2017

Asian equities and fixed income specialist Premium China Funds Management has been awarded a mandate for its Premium Asia Income Fund by Alpha Fund Managers, as part of their latest review in the fixed income sector. This marks a watershed moment in the recognition of the uniqueness of the product within the Australian and New Zealand market.

The Premium Asia Income Fund aims to provide investors with a minimum 6% income p.a. by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of high-yielding fixed interest securities across Asia, the Middle East and C.I.S. The fund is managed using a disciplined value-oriented approach supported by intensive bottom-up fundamental credit analysis and is actively hedged to the Australian dollar.

Since its inception in August 2011, the Premium Asia Income Fund has delivered 11.0% p.a. net of fees to investors. At the same time, it has achieved this return with just under 5.4% annualised volatility and maintained its outstanding track-record of paying quarterly distributions amounting to no less than 6% p.a.

We are truly proud of the differentiated products we have brought into the market since 2005, and the Premium Asia Income Fund is in its own unique class, both in terms of product design and performance history,” said Jonathan Wu, Executive Director and Chief Investment Specialist at Premium China Funds Management.

By not taking into account the credit ratings paid for by corporates to the largest western rating agencies, we are able to expand our breadth of research to uncover overlooked credit securities in the market paying superior yield with less risk than what the market perceives. It is fantastic to see forward thinking institutional multi-managers like Alpha Fund Managers appreciating the power of in-depth credit research in places like Asia,” Mr Wu said.

In awarding the allocation, Julien Brodie, Portfolio Manager at Alpha Fund Managers, said "The Premium Asia Income fund was selected to manage our EMD sector exposure due to the strategies strong performance record, moderate volatility and highly experienced investment team. In addition, the Funds dynamic hedging capability can provide protection against adverse currency moves which we find attractive."
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